Our Mission/Vision

Faced with the inexorable search for truly efficient, clean, safe and cheap energy sources, Humanity is facing a colossal challenge.

At SOLENA SCOOTERS, we are convinced that the Sun is our great ally for such a titanic mission. The irruption of the latest generation of photovoltaic solar panels with nanocomposites, already offer such a high "energy density" that makes possible what two decades ago would have been a chimera: transforming the sun's rays into energy without emissions, safe, clean and free.

SOLENA SCOOTERS, designs, co-manufactures and distributes personal mobility vehicles (PMV), which offer these solutions sufficiently "profitable", so that the once prototypes, already become light vehicles of mass production and sale in the world.

Our range includes and will include two, three and four wheel vehicles powered by solar energy, both for companies and individuals.

We invite you to join us in this challenging adventure.


Bernardo Bravo

Creator and Co-Founder of Solena Scooters ,s.l.


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